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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

I'll be speaking at SPTechCon!

SPTC_SF2013_speakerbadge_hI've been selected to speak my mind at SPTechCon, in San Francisco, March 3-6. I'm creating new content and adding must-learn info on SharePoint 2013.

Here are my sessions:

SharePoint Lied: It Isn’t a Document Management System, It’s Really a File Management System

Do you feel that SharePoint document management is missing something? It is. It's missing documents. Sure, it manages files well enough, but are files and documents the same thing? This class focuses on the relationships and differences between files and documents, and the effects they have on SharePoint's document-management capabilities. We will look at what we should expect from a true document-management system, and examine some strategies for converting SharePoint from just a file-management system to a document-management system.

You will gain concrete insights into why their SharePoint implementations are not fulfilling their document-management needs, and what requirements you should consider when embarking on or enhancing a SharePoint document-management implementation. You will be able to express to upper management what you need from their document management system and why. Experience working with non-trivial documents, especially in scenarios where a team must contribute to the same document, is helpful.

LEVEL : Intermediate
TOPIC AREAS : Architecture Essentials, Information Worker Essentials

Using SharePoint for Business Process Management

This class is intended to give non-technical and semi-technical business-process management (BPM) professionals an overview of how SharePoint can be used to facilitate BPM usage scenarios. This class will examine SharePoint's core capabilities and mechanisms for implementing SharePoint solutions. It will also include discussion on various aspects of process management—such as data capture and management, workflow, and system integration—along with demos of implementations. A basic knowledge of the tenets of business-process management is helpful.

LEVEL : Intermediate
TOPIC AREAS : Architecture Essentials, Information Worker Essentials, Project Managers

Using Service-Oriented Methodologies to Create SharePoint Applications

Do you need to create a complex application or product for SharePoint, or to integrate an existing application with SharePoint? Are you concerned about the long-term effort of maintaining the application codebase, or about migrating the application to SharePoint 2013? This class focuses on applying the methodologies and architectural concepts of Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to the task of creating complex SharePoint applications.

We will see how an SOA approach can help us achieve a stable and scalable application or product, decrease support and maintenance costs by decreasing the application's complexity, and reduce the effort required to upgrade the application to the next version of SharePoint. You will learn about the many challenges involved in creating complex SharePoint applications and how the principles behind SOA can be used to mitigate those challenges. Experience in creating SharePoint components using Visual Studio 2008 or 2010, or in designing distributed applications, is helpful.

LEVEL : Advanced
TOPIC AREAS : Developer Essentials

Oh, and did I mention that if you register by December 7, you can save $500?!

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